“The NBWA is the leading and most globally-respected women’s network committed to educating youth, stabilizing families, strengthening communities and empowering women.” – NBWA Vision

The NBWA Board is working tirelessly to achieve this vision. According to the American Psychological Association, socioeconomic status (SES) affects overall human functioning, including our physical and mental health. Low SES and related factors, such as minimal education, poverty and poor health, ultimately affect our society. As it is proven that we all benefit from an increased focus on the causes of inequities, NBWA is garnering the influence of its members to achieve the long-term goal of reducing the gaps that are negatively impacting the achievements of youth, families, communities and women around the world.

“With each year of schooling, an individual’s income potential increases by around ten percent.”
– Children International/The Borgen Project, 2017