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Message from NBWA President

Message from NBWA President

Dear Members & Supporters,

Welcome to the National Basketball Wives Association Incorporated (NBWA). On behalf of NBWA, I sincerely thank you for believing in our organization’s vision and mission. Inspired by the historical philanthropy of wives of professional athletes across the nation, the National Basketball Wives Association is the official nonprofit charitable organization that represents its membership, the NBA, NBA G-League, ABA and Harlem Globetrotters, and leverages our combined philanthropic capital to create national and global  impact.

NBWA members are diverse and esteemed business professionals, educated scholars, entrepreneurs and, most notably, C.O.E.’s (Chief Officer of Everything)! We recognize the influence and power our membership embodies. With the NBWA mission at our helm, we are committed to pouring our resources and efforts into underserved communities to improve the lives and well-being of other families, especially women and children. Our Executive Board and Professional Advisory Board are comprised of leaders in the fields of business, law, sports, education and public relations who actively maintain the direction of our charitable compass.

Our vast and committed network of women have successfully navigated the lifestyle of the NBA, a world of its own. We are a safe-haven of member support during the many life changes that a professional athlete’s career creates for his family. We openly share with our members the necessary tools and referrals that help enable smooth transitions for this ever-changing way of life.

With the support of our members and partners, NBWA is dedicated to inspiring future generations to leave their philanthropic footprint on the world. We encourage you to join our team and become a member of NBWA, or offer your support as a corporate, community or individual sponsor, working in harmony to enrich the quality of lives of families in our community.

Again, welcome to the NBWA. We are galvanizing women of influence to nurture our youth, to build strong communities and to work together to achieve economic stability for families and women around the world.

With Respect & Gratitude,

Mia Wright
President, NBWA


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