Renee Taplin-Jones

“Nurturing a community is a necessity. I witnessed the whole city of Houston come together during Hurricane Harvey to help rescue victims and help put the city back together. #HoustonStrong”

Renee Taplin-Jones NBWA Secretary & Director

Renee Taplin-Jones is a global flight attendant employed by a major airline and the wife of NBA legend, Major Jones. For 30-years, Renee has enjoyed traveling around the world for work and the charitable endeavors she and her husband share. Renee is an accomplished athlete in her own right, initially attending junior college on a basketball scholarship before transferring to the University of Houston where she received a volleyball scholarship and majored in business administration. Renee is also an aspiring author and is in the process of completing several literary projects.

Philanthropy and volunteering have always been a priority for Renee. She has dedicated many years volunteering for numerous airlines charitable programs such as MLK Day and Career Day, as well as for local charities in the Houston area, including the Houston Food Bank, Urban League and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. She and Major co-founded the Jones Legacy Scholarship, which showcases their love for humanity and charitable giving. Renee prides herself as being a team player, working behind the scenes to make things happen. As she so eloquently states, “It’s always about the mission and not a competition. It is indeed an honor and privilege to represent the women of NBWA.”